VITA vPad comfort

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VITA vPad control units for VITA New Generation Mark II offer maximum cost-effectiveness and efficiency. With just one control unit, you can operate up to four VITA VACUMAT 6000 M, VITA VACUMAT 6000 MP and VITA ZYRCOMAT 6000 MS furnaces. This also means that there is no need for an extra control unit if additional furnaces are purchased, so you won't incur any added costs.

Both the VITA vPad comfort and the VITA vPad excellence control unit offer an intuitive, user-friendly software interface as well as intelligent menu navigation that automatically corrects invalid entries. The most recent feature from VITA is the VITA MultiPump control that enables up to four furnaces to be supplied with just a single VITA vacuum pump.


  • 7" LED color touch display (latest generation)
  • Control of up to two furnaces
  • Up to 500 customizable firing, pressing and sintering programs
  • Configuration of up to four user profiles with write-protection for personal programs (favorites) and custom settings
  • Program modification while a program is running
  • A USB port for connecting a mouse and PC keyboard
  • Possible connection of a card reader
  • Rapid updating of pad and furnace software via a USB flash drive
  • Photo viewer with various functions for displaying and saving patient photos
  • 1 GB of memory
  • Proof of quality as all firing data is saved
  • Energy-saving night mode (VITA Energy Efficiency)
  • Display of operating hours for the unit and firing muffles
  • Integrated clinical function for special chairside materials for the dental practice

Programmed for the future means that you are automatically informed via the VITA Update Messenger of any program and software updates for furnaces and VITA vPads. With this system, you are always on the safe side with the most cost-effective option available

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