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Bonder for greater reliability and improved esthetics when veneering non-precious metal dental alloys. Through reliable bonding between the metal framework and the veneering ceramic (such as VITA VMK MASTER and VITA VM 13), VITA NP BOND helps prevent errors occurring as a result of CTE tension between the alloy and the ceramic.

VITA NP BOND (NP: non-precious) improves bonding between metal frameworks and veneering ceramics, particularly in the case of non-precious metal dental alloys, thus providing dental technicians with greater reliability in fabricating veneers that offer superior long-term stability and esthetics.


  • Effective CTE buffer between the ceramic and the metal alloy, particularly in the case of non-precious metal alloys, provides for a stable bond between the framework and the ceramic
  • Improves shade reproduction
  • Saves time as firing with WASH OPAQUE is no longer necessary
  • Thanks to the improved surface structure following BONDER firing, the opaquer can be applied more easily, effectively and evenly
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